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The Password Reminder developed by TEKUVA; allows you to save and secure all of your login and passwords for applications or websites and access them with only having to remember one (1) access password.

Operating Systems: Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98
Additional Requirements: Windows .NET Framework 3.5 Get it
Access 2007 Runtime Get it
Video Tutorial: Show Me
Limitations: None


Version History:

Version Date
Summary of Changes Nov 04 2009
Initial Release Dec 09 2009
Include additional help for first time users Jan 07 2009
Address database security issue reported Jul 08 2010 Include Access Runtime in Installation Setup Oct 27 2010 Now windows 7 Compatible Jun 25 2011 Now Lighter with access runtime removed Sep 11 2011 Help Interface Corrected


5 out of 5 Software Product Award by Soft82.compassword reminder editors choice award from brothersoft
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